If you have questions about your car donation, the company is glad to answer them. Many of those questions can be found below or can be answered by contacting one of the knowledgeable staff members.

What types of vehicles do you accept?
The company will accept just about any type of vehicle donation, especially vehicles intended for roads and highways. They also accept boats, rv’s and other types of vehicles. If the vehicle cannot be given to a needy family, it can be sold and the money used to help those in need. Either way, you will be contributing to a just cause.

What if my vehicle doesn’t run or needs repairs?
Don’t worry if you’re vehicle needs repairs or doesn’t run. Vehicles that are troublesome may be repaired and given to a family in need, or they may be sold as is. If the repairs are too involved, the selling price may be lower than expected, but the money will still benefit families in need.

What do I need before the donation process begins?
Before you donate your car, make sure you have a clear title and keys to fit the ignition. If the title has a lien holder or other entity listed, you will be required to get a note stating the title is clear and free of any debt. The towing company will pick up the title and keys the day of the scheduled pickup.

How does pickup work?
Pickup is simple and only takes a few days. It is totally free and available in any of the 50 states. The charity uses licensed professional to tow away the vehicle. As long as you have the title and keys available the car can be towed away quickly and effortlessly.

What about tax deductible donations?
Donations to qualified charities can be counted as deductions on your taxes. This includes vehicles that are made for driving, as well as boats and RVs. The amount of the deduction is usually based on the gross proceeds from sale of the vehicle. Talk to your tax preparer about forms needed to file for deductions and other information about the IRS rules.

Where do I start?
If you think donating your car is the right choice for you, you can submit donor information online or call the toll free number to talk to one of the staff members. You will be required to give basic information about yourself, the vehicle intended for donation, and your location. Make sure you have vehicle information such as the VIN number, make, model, year, and condition of the car handy before you call. If you fill out a form online, a staff member will contact you promptly to get the process started.