Why Donate With Us

Many people are deciding to recycle their cars by donating them to charity. There are many charities and organizations out there that will accept donated cars, making it hard for the donor to know who to trust. There are some good reasons to choose to donate your car online as a way to help those who are disabled and needy.

Cut out the Middle man
Donating your car online cuts out the middleman. Many companies will work with you to accept your vehicle, but often take a chunk of the profits before handing it over to the actual charity. Many times the company will log their profit as operating costs to keep down suspicion. By donating your car online, you cut out the middleman, and donate directly to the cause. The charity makes every effort to donate your car to a family in need without sucking away a portion of the profit.

Giving to Others
Car donation helps out a variety of people and situations with your car donation. Rather than auctioning it off and pocketing the money, they find someone who truly needs a vehicle. They help battered women, veterans, military families, those living in shelters, handicapped people, and more. Anyone who needs a vehicle can fill out a form with information concerning their circumstances.  Private non-profit organizations are also eligible for assistance. If the car is in need of too many repairs, it may be sold and proceeds go to help needy families or research for common ailments and diseases such as muscular dystrophy, that plague many.

The Reward
When you donate your car or other vehicle, you have the benefit of knowing you helped someone in need. Also, since you are donating your car to a qualified charity, you can claim the donation as a deduction on your taxes. This may help reduce the amount of income taxes you have to pay. The company also offers other rewards from time to time, such as a choice of four free vacation packages with the donation of a vehicle worth over $500.

No Hassle
Donating your car is a hassle free process. You can call their number to talk to a staff member about the car you plan to donate. They will want to know basic information about the vehicle and your location. Once the information is documented, they will schedule vehicle pickup. The pickup of your donated vehicle is free no matter where you live in the United States. Most transactions are completed and the vehicle is towed away within two to three days after your initial call. This company will provide you with the proper documentation needed to file for a deduction on your taxes.

The donation process is quick and easy. Just fill out our convenient online car donation form. It only takes about two minutes! Or please feel free to contact us at (866) 509-1764